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All the sports people, who love sports!

The optimal place for off-season training
and the top sports mecca in Korea,
Boeun-gun, invites you all.

Boeun-gun Mayor최재형

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Boeun-gun is a town of Gyeolchoboeun, meaning that we regard even the smallest favor as a huge mountain, and if we fail to return a person’s kindness during our lives, then we will make sure return the kindness even after death. Geographically, we are located at the center of Korea, where you can reach from anywhere around the country, such as Seoul or Busan, within 2 hours. We are a clean and healthy town where you can recover from your fatigue in a very short time due to our wonderful natural scenery, beautiful Songnisan Mountain Park, and the 100% pure oxygen (O2) emitting from our thick forest.

Boeun-gun has hosted off-season training for over 500 teams and over 40 national sports competitions every year since 2010 as the center of sports industry in Korea, earning itself a reputation as the “Town of Gold Medal,” where over 300,000 sports athletes come to hone their skills annually. Our sports facilities include Korea’s only unpaved 10km running course within the forest, 5 soccer fields (3 natural grass fields, 2 artificial turf fields), 2 baseball fields, indoor baseball practice field, indoor Ssireum practice rings, multi-purpose indoor gymnasium and 2 track and field tracks, as well as a fitness center, shower rooms, indoor gymnasium, swimming pools, tennis court, ground golf course, all-weather track and field training facility, and foot volleyball, exclusively for the athletes. We also have numerous accommodations, which are either directly operated by Boeun-gun or privately operated facilities, so that the visitors can conveniently use them.

All the sports people!
If you select Boeun-gun, the optimal place for off-season training, as the place for your off-season training, we will give our best efforts to serve you so that you can enjoy sports safely and conveniently.

Thank you.