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Major Policies

Major Policies
  • Realization of reliable and true administration
  • Energetic local economy
  • Competitive clean agricuture
  • Building of cultural tourism infrastructure
  • Realization of custom-made welfare society

Fair Process Part

Operation of 'Talking Day between Residents and mayor'

Energetic Economy Part

  • Invest invitation of prospective companies
  • Project of building the Boeun East Area Industrial Complex
  • Project of enlarging the national road between Soge and Boeun into four-lane street and improving the street lines
  • Project of making the Sinjeong District the Comprehensive Resort Area

Hopeful Agriculture Part

  • Support for invitation and settlement of those returning to agriculture and village
  • Supply of compost for domestic animals
  • Intensive support and promotion of agricultural product teams
  • Establishment of sales networks for fruit tree promotion
  • Enlargement of support for residents' joining agricultural damage insurances
  • Establishment and operation of agricultural product process plants
  • Construction of bio-wood and wood for honey bees
  • Promotion of lifting regulations for marginal farmland
  • Production and use of useful microorganisms for agriculture
  • Project of promoting the Songnisan-Native Wild Flower Complex

High-Quality Culture Part

  • Making Namsan and Taebongsan into parks
  • Construction of the Character Park
  • Founding of the Boeun Historical Museum
  • Development and maintenance of tour resources (Extraction of ancient tombs of the Samnyeonsanseong, and establishment of the Experiencing Place)
  • Making Samnyeonsanseong into a park
  • Recovery of Sajikdan
  • Construction of bio-wood and wood for honey bees
  • Project of constructing a sports park
  • Invitational national sports events (including away training of sports teams in winter and summer)
  • Supplementation of the O Jang Hwan Literature Hall

Custom-made Welfare Part

  • Welfare county administration cooperating with residents
  • Actualization of allowances for the Korean War and the Vietnam War veterans
  • Opening of multicultural restaurants
  • Support for repair payment of mobile equipments for the disabled
  • Operation of silver colleges (per eup and myeon)
  • Support for increase of heating expenses for the aged houses
  • Support for education of elementary and middle school students (free meal plan)
  • Actualization of business car publicity cost of agricultural products and Boeun special products
  • Promotion of uniform charges on all routes of urban buses
  • Maintenance of small-scale running water facilities