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The Beopjusa Seokyeonji is the National Treasure No.64. It is estimated to be the 8th century masterpiece of the Unified Silla era. At the bottom is the octagonal base stone, and three layers of propping stones were piled up on it. Another layer of Bokyeondae was added on it, and, the center stone decorated with cloud was put on it. Seokyeonji (stone lotus pond) was on top of the center stone. The effect is that it looks as if the stone lotus-shaped pond floats on the ground.

The inside of the locus-shaped pond contains water. The guardrail circles around the top of the stone pond. And, the railing is supported by pillars. Between them, various flowers are carved in relief. Lotus roots down into dirty muddy water, but it emits fine aroma, not influenced by the dirtiness of the water. So, lotus is the symbolized in Buddhism to teach Buddhists that, even though one lives in the dirty secular world, if he follows the teachings of Buddha faithfully, and lives honestly, he will go to the Geungrak, the paradise after death, in the ever-lasting cycle of life and death.

Bokyeon : The design of lotus whose roots extends downwards